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To promote the exchange of ideas and networking in the tech community, Poatek Meetups take place once a month. At each event, a technology-related topic is chosen to be discussed between Poatekers and guests. This is an excellent way to transfer knowledge, for the community to get to know our offices, the way we work and to foment the tech community.


Scitek is Poatek's event on Data Science and Engineering that aims to bring academy and the market together. This is an incredible opportunity for professionals and students to not only consume content, but also to put learning into practice at the Datathon. Dathaton is a marathon that takes place at the end of Scitek, in which participants have to solve challenges and receive prizes - in addition to all the knowledge acquired.

Winning project of the May 2022 edition of SCITEK

"Our challenge was to propose a solution based on data engineering so that a company could suggest good cryptocurrency investment options to its customers. At the end of the event, we should deliver a complete pipeline with cryptocurrency extraction, processing and storage, with clean data to the Data Science team. Right at the beginning of the challenge, we chose to use the Python programming language, as we were already familiar with it. Then it was necessary to choose the API for data extraction. Among the suggested ones, we chose CoinGecko.

• Extraction: The data to be extracted from the API was defined by us. We collect information that we deem most important for an application based on suggestions from all cryptocurrencies in the API.

• Processing: The data were processed with the help of the Pandas library in python, and at the end of this step we generated a CSV file.

• Storage: the generated CSV file was stored in the cloud on AWS servers and the data was ready to be delivered to the Data Science team. It is important to note that all team members were 2nd semester students and with almost no experience in the area. The biggest challenge for us was working with Pandas and AWS, and Poatek's mentors were critical to the success of our solution."

Check out a little about the group members:

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Natalia Dal Pizzol

Natália is a computer science undergraduate, with experience in academic research and data analysis. Her main areas of interest are human-computer interaction, data science, and development of accessible technologies.
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Felipe Eilert

Felipe is fascinated by technology, very creative and tends to learn fast. His life goal is to innovate, to leave a little of himself in the world. He seeks experiences and new knowledge all the time. In his free time he usually plays games, goes out with friends, and likes competitions and team games, always looking for new challenges.
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Luana Thomas

Luana is a Computer Science student at PUCRS, through the ADA - Women in Computing project sponsored by Poatek. She participates in a System Reliability and Security research group and is currently studying different techniques to apply data privacy without losing its usability.

Open Office

Twice a year we open the doors of our offices for students to come and see the space and see for themselves how we operate at Poatek. Thus, they can see what the day-to-day life of a company with an international culture is like, working with different types of clients and in different formats. Students from the most diverse universities visit us and get really excited to work someday at Poatek.


Hackatek is the Hackathon that allows students to put their knowledge into practice, get closer to the market, build a portfolio and have the chance to propose solutions for their community.

Winning project of the July 2021 edition of Hackatek

One of the problems brought up by the pandemic was the difficulty in carrying out charity events: with the restrictions to agglomerations and circulation of people, many charities had their actions made unfeasible. As a result, projects that aimed to benefit vulnerable groups had a hard time connecting to people interested in helping and in collecting donations.

As a response to the aforementioned problem, the team’s solution was the platform Conecte-se: a web platform aiming to connect philanthropic institutions to people interested in making donations. Conecte-se allows institutions to post their needs and interested people to easily find demands from their preferred institutions and donate. The platform’s intention is not to do deliveries, only to connect organizations to people and facilitate this exchange. The platform was build with Python, using the Flask framework, SQLAlchemy as the ORM, HTML, CSS and JavaScript for front-end was deployed using Heroku.

Check out a little about the group members:

foto ana

Ana Carolina Pick

At the time Ana was studying Physical Engineering at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and currently works as a Data Engineer at Poatek. She believes that technology can be a driving force to positive transformation in society and that, as a well trained professional, she can contribute to this change.
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Erhon Leonetti Aragao

Erhon is 24 years old and is currently a Data Analysis intern at Simeros and a Physical Engineerig student at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. He’s worked in the synthesis of photocatalysts with applications in clean energy. Has an interest in Data Analysis and Machine Learning and wishes to specialize in Software Development.
foto 2 junior

Junior Sezerotto

Júnio is 23 years old and is currently a Computer Vision intern at Ponfac and a Physical Engineering student at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. He’s something between a physicist and a programmer and has an interest in Quantum Computing, Machine Learning and Electronics. His interest in science and technology can be explained by the words borrowed from Carl Sagan: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

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