Social Impact – POATEK


We aim to transform the tech area it into a diverse environment by giving out scholarships for girls for undergraduate courses in Computer Science. ADA - Women in Computing by Poatek is a Program in partnership with PUCRS that offers scholarships for underprivileged girls. Through this Program several girls and women develop professionally and academically. ADA grows every year and we can see real impact and new opportunities emerging at every moment.


Mobile Academy is our first educational program with the mission of introducing and training more developers to the mobile Android development team, aimed at underprivileged students. It takes place once a year and lasts for 6 months where participants can focus on learning basic concepts, step-by-step mobile development, training these new skills, and testing them in a real internal project.


BRASA is the largest organization of Brazilian students studying abroad. BRASA's mission is to empower the next generation of Brazilian leaders for a better Brazil.

Generation Brazil's mission is to transform education systems for employment in order to prepare, place and support people in transformative careers that would otherwise be inaccessible.