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junho 9, 2021

Introducing our new CFO, Rafael Dornelles

Continuing our growth journey in 2021, this year we welcomed our new CFO, who will play a key position in Poatek’s strategy and development. Rafael Dorneles is our new Chief […]
junho 2, 2021

Bitcoin: a simplified overview

Bitcoin (BTC) has been widely spoken since Tesla has bought $1.5 billion of this coin on February 8th and announced they will accept BTC as one of their payments. In […]
maio 26, 2021

How is it to be software engineer at Poatek

In the day-to-day life at Poatek, it is common to face many different challenges. Our projects include different aspects as understanding each client’s reality and structuring a detailed work plan […]
maio 19, 2021

Dependency Injection in iOS Development

Introduction   One of the most important topics in software development is how your dependencies are created and how to use them in your code. There are many possibilities out there, […]
maio 5, 2021

Welcome, poatekers!

Continuing our growth journey, in the last month 6 new Poatekers joined our team! Meet them: Eduardo Sarmanho joined our iOS engineers team. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Analysis and […]
abril 28, 2021

Starting with Flutter from Android Dev perspective

Introduction   Most developers want to start with flutter but don’t know how to begin or if it is really worth learning. I´m one of those, and in this article, my […]