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dezembro 22, 2020

Flat Structure at Poatek- Explained

Management, manager, self-management.  Hierarchy, horizontal, flat. Today we are surrounded by such a wide range of terminologies and organizational structures that we don’t even know where to start. A flat […]
dezembro 9, 2020

Welcome, poatekers!

Poatek continue its growth! 7 new talents joined our team in the last month! Bruno Moreira is our new iOS developer!  He holds a bachelor’s degree in information system from PUCRS and participanted in the first edition […]
novembro 30, 2020

Three C++ 17 features for modernizing your codebase

C++ 17 is a few years old now, and most compilers have caught up with the standard and have it implemented. Today I want to share three new features that […]
novembro 18, 2020

How do usability and accessibility relate in a digital context?

If you work on IT, you certainly have heard the word “usability” around, even if you are not a digital designer. Summarizing, a product with good usability is one that […]
novembro 12, 2020

AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification #4

The last post from our series on the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification will talk about the area of Machine Learning Implementation and Operations. The idea behind this area is […]
novembro 11, 2020

AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification #3

In the latest post of our series, we talked about Data Engineering and Exploratory Data Analysis. In this post, we will talk about Modeling, the area with the most weight […]