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março 22, 2023

Two worlds, one program: how research can interact with companies

Upon completing undergraduate studies, people are often offered two options: an academic career or a career in the job market. These options are considered very different and non-reconcilable worlds and […]
março 15, 2023

Learning how to learn is powerful indeed

The capacity to learn is one of the most distinctive traits of human beings, to the point of allowing us to learn about the very mechanisms that enable us to […]
março 8, 2023

Promoting Gender Diversity in Tech Companies

Women have historically been underrepresented in the tech industry, but over the years, there has been a growing movement to change that. More and more women are pursuing careers in […]
fevereiro 15, 2023

How I learned to develop a web application in 6 weeks

The Pebolas Project was created from an insight Nilton Calegari and Matheus Dubin had while creating a backlog for me during the first Edition of the Poatek Summer <Code> Camp, […]
fevereiro 8, 2023

In a Data Driven World, Data Catalogs Are Necessary Tools

A data catalog is a piece of software specialized in documenting everything related to the data pertaining to a company or a project. Think of the following scenario: you’ve been […]
fevereiro 1, 2023

Understanding Word Embeddings and Their role in Natural Language Processing

If you are reading this article then you are probably, just like me, astonished by the incredible results achieved by the modern NLP engines, most famously Chat GPT. If these […]