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fevereiro 1, 2023

Understanding Word Embeddings and Their role in Natural Language Processing

If you are reading this article then you are probably, just like me, astonished by the incredible results achieved by the modern NLP engines, most famously Chat GPT. If these […]
janeiro 25, 2023

Inspiring future IT professionals

Raise your hand if you struggled to choose your major in college. Raise your hand if you felt pressured to select traditional career paths such as Medicine or Law. Raise […]
janeiro 11, 2023

Tips and Tricks on Making an Awesome Presentation

How often do you find yourself bored in a presentation? Or you simply saw the title of a subject you were always curious about, and it was exhaustive. I bet […]
dezembro 21, 2022

A Review on Eye and Skin Color Prediction using Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for forensic use

When a crime is under investigation, especially when too many questions are unanswered, it is necessary to reduce the number of suspects to be able to solve the investigation. Any […]
dezembro 14, 2022

Using human-centered methodologies to better understand people and deliver improved products and services

Creating solutions that make sense to the people who are going to use them is crucial nowadays, and knowing the steps to reach the best decision is too. It is […]
dezembro 9, 2022


In a past series of posts [1] it was discussed about Spark’s dominance in the Big Data world, and about how fast it can be. However, it is not unusual […]