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março 4, 2020

Lisbon, here we go! Meet Poatek’s New Office in Portugal!

Poatek is an IT development boutique that operates on a global level: we aren’t driven by language or borders, our mission is to discover the best IT solutions for your […]
fevereiro 27, 2020

Welcome, poatekers!

2020 has brought us new talents! It’s time to welcome four new poatekers:   Cainã Murtinho is a Software Engineer at Poatek. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Analysis and Development from Ulbra. Before joining us, Cainã has worked as an Innovation Engineer in a big […]
fevereiro 19, 2020

ASP .NET Core Distributed Session with Redis – Part 1

How to scale your ASP.NET Core application without worrying about session issues between instances One of the things I like most in modern software development is the facility to build […]
fevereiro 12, 2020

An Overview of the Techniques Used to Describe Virtual Terrains – Final Part

In the last post, I discussed irregular representations, Waypoint Graph and Visibility Graph. In this final post, I’ll present the other two very important irregular representations: the Quadtree and the […]
fevereiro 5, 2020


A few weeks ago, we welcomed Sami Bin to Poatek. Sami is our new Chief Operating Officer (COO)! He will be working closely with all areas of the company, further […]
janeiro 29, 2020

An Overview of the Techniques Used to Describe Virtual Terrains – Part 2

In my last post, I wrote about regular terrain representations. In this post, I will write about the irregular representations and delve deeper into the topics of the Waypoint Graph […]