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janeiro 22, 2020

Poatek in the Business World – A Chat with David Shpilberg

The advancement of technology promoted a bigger development in many sectors of the market, increasing different businesses and enabling the expansion of investments in this field, which helped to unify […]
janeiro 15, 2020

Building Automated Tests for Android

Overview   Before we start this article talking about how we can build effective unit tests for Android, we need to explain what automated tests are and why we need […]
janeiro 9, 2020

An Overview of the Techniques Used to Describe Virtual Terrains – Part 1

My name is Juliana and I used to work on a project called ASTROS, that built a strategy simulation system for the Brazilian Army. One of the biggest challenges of […]
janeiro 3, 2020

Welcome on board, Carolina and Daniela!

In the end of 2019, our team hired two talented ladies to join our growing team!   Daniela dos Reis is a UX Designer. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in […]
dezembro 27, 2019

Our Florida Trip: Work and the Live! 360 Conference

If you follow our blog you might have seen something like this post before, but let us tell you that this is not a duplicated post.   This past November we – Kelvyn and Steban, […]
dezembro 17, 2019

Poatek is growing!

Meet our new amazing poatekers who joined us in the past months!   Laura Grala is our Business Analyst. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with focus on […]