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outubro 24, 2019

Welcome, Marcelo! Meet Poatek’s new Data Scientist

Some weeks ago, we welcomed Marcelo Prates, our new Data Scientist! Marcelo and his team work on projects that help businesses interpret data effectively, extracting information for a better decision-making […]
outubro 7, 2019

How to Get Even More Performance from Transfer Learning

This is the third of a 3 part series of articles about transfer learning. In this series, we will detail what transfer learning is and how you can explore it. […]
setembro 19, 2019

Players Everywhere: Reflecting about Gamification in Business

Before we begin talking about gamification, I’d like to tell you a brief bedtime story. This is necessary and will facilitate your understanding of the topic. Also, it will help […]
setembro 13, 2019

Welcome, poatekers!

We’re growing! Meet five talents who joined us in the past months!   Victoria Jardim is our brand new Financial Analyst. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Production Engineering at […]
setembro 11, 2019

PlatformIO: An IoT Ecosystem

Almost every microcontroller developer has started or, at least once, used the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as a coding platform. In fact, it is an easy and straightforward tool, which […]
setembro 5, 2019

Our Experience Traveling to Florida

Two months ago my team and I spent 12 days in Florida – also known as the Sunshine State – in the United States. It could have been just another business travel, […]