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abril 16, 2019

New ideas and learning opportunities: internship at Poatek

Since our last blog post about our team of interns, we’ve had two important promotions: Daniel Einloft and Jean Andrade are now Software Engineers at Poatek! We’ve also hired four […]
abril 10, 2019

Getting started with popular concepts in Machine Learning

Machine Learning has been experiencing a boost in the last few years. These advances can be noticed in many fields: for instance, image processing with the possibility of object and […]
março 29, 2019

Poatekers earn silver medal at worldwide Kaggle challenge

Our Data Science and Artificial Intelligence team has earned a silver medal in a worldwide Kaggle challenge, sponsored by Elo. We qualified in the top 4%, achieving the 160th position […]
março 22, 2019

Business travel, now what?

Last month I had another opportunity to travel to visit one of Poatek’s clients. This time I spent two weeks in Miami, Florida, and since I had already visited this […]
março 15, 2019

Adding precompiled headers to a C++ game and porting it to Android

Last year I participated in a game development project in my spare time. The idea was to do a small, top-down RPG with roguelike elements. The game was made for […]
março 12, 2019

Android Workshop: Learning together is always better!

Last week we started the Android Workshop at Poatek, that will happen every Monday from now on: our goal is to build, together, an app that will use the best […]