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fevereiro 20, 2019

Motivating, flexible, and welcoming: How our Engineers see Poatek

An “endless honeymoon” — this is the expression Maicco Ferreira used to describe the relationship that employees have with Poatek. He joined our team of IT professionals last December and […]
fevereiro 15, 2019

Say hello to Alan, our new Data Scientist!

Last week we welcomed a new Data Scientist to the team: Alan Delgado de Oliveira will work with projects that help businesses interpret data effectively and extract valid information for […]
fevereiro 12, 2019

Meet Laura: our new Head of People here at Poatek

As we mentioned in our retrospective, we’ve had many new additions to our team in 2018. And, by the end of this year, we’re expecting twice as many new talents […]
janeiro 22, 2019

Technology Transformation in Retail – Part II

For years now, many retail stores have gone through drastic technology transformations in order to stay on foot. Big brands such as Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Amazon have heavily invested […]
janeiro 21, 2019

What is blockchain?

Most solutions today do not effectively guarantee that the information stored on them is not ever going to be modified or deleted. Blockchain is here to change this reality. We elaborated a material with […]
janeiro 17, 2019

A look at the first All Hands of the year

Earlier this month we had our very first All Hands of the year, an internal event where we review our metrics and goals. Here are this edition’s highlights! News from […]