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junho 11, 2018

Welcome, poatekers!

We are growing! Last week we welcomed five new Poatekers! Here’s a brief summary of each one of them: Alexandra Rodriguez, Computer Science student   Alex will be joining us […]
junho 4, 2018

Things every developer should know about code reviews

Being a professional software developer requires a lot of practice and learning. Some people – including myself – believe that one of the most interesting ways of learning and improving […]
junho 1, 2018

The future of business with artificial intelligence

Earlier this week we talked about how machine learning can help your business. Today, we’re going to talk about a very similar technology that is already part of our daily […]
maio 28, 2018

How can machine learning help your business?

Machine learning has been on the news radar for some time now. Just last week, Forbes published an article that explains how IBM researchers are improving ML by exploring the […]
maio 14, 2018

5 ways to implement Agile in your day-to-day

 The days of traditional software testing are very close to an end. And I’m not even talking about automation, software tools or TDD. I’m talking about changing the mindset of QA’s […]
maio 2, 2018

Inovação sem fronteiras: PoaTek recebe intercambistas

Desde 2015 o número de estrangeiros que buscam pelo Brasil para fazer intercâmbio vem aumentando consideravelmente, segundo o Governo do Brasil. Sabemos o quanto a troca de experiências com outras […]