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novembro 3, 2021

Apache Spark and Big Data #2

In the last post of this series (1), we discussed the meaning of terms like Big Data, MapReduce and Hadoop and I presented the origin of Spark and its dominance in the Big Data […]
outubro 27, 2021

Apache Spark and Big Data #1

You have probably heard terms like Big Data, Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark but maybe you don’t know exactly what they mean and how they interact. I will start this post by clarifying some of this.  The term big […]
outubro 21, 2021

Poatek’s Internship Program: see what our interns think about being a Poateker.

Poatek’s Internship Program is for those who enjoy challenges and are always ready to evolve and have new experiences. In July, we received those selected for the second edition of the program and invited them […]
outubro 14, 2021

We will miss you, summer job interns!

Poatek’s Summer Job Program is a way to connect international students to our Poatekers, providing everyone a great opportunity to discover and learn about new technology trends.  In the 2021 edition, we received 5 […]
outubro 6, 2021

Let’s discover what’s like to be a UX/UI at Poatek

To have a deep understanding of the user’s needs is essential to provide a positive experience that will strengthen the customer’s loyalty and the relationship with them. UX/UI designers are professionals that are responsible for ensuring this experience. This job requires multidisciplinary […]
agosto 26, 2021

The Specializations on Data Science and Engineering

In our previous blogpost of this series, we discussed data science and the various problems that can be solved using data science. We also mentioned specializations in the data field […]