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agosto 17, 2022

Data Visualization in the Data Age #2: Matplotlib

An important tool for people analyzing data with Python, Matplotlib is the foundational Python library for data visualization, since it is easy to use and has grounded many more data […]
agosto 10, 2022

Insights on Computer Vision

Computer Vision, a type of image processing, is a fascinating and rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence that allows computers to derive high-level information from images, videos, and other forms […]
agosto 2, 2022

Chucky and Ethics in AI

There is a growing usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in our daily lives, and this type of technology is being integrated into a lot of new […]
julho 27, 2022

How to Understand (and measure) the Impact of Investments in Education?

Education has evolved drastically over the past couple of decades around the world. The number of children enrolled in schools is one proof of that statement, but many other aspects […]
julho 13, 2022

How to do a Systematic Review of Literature in Computer Science area

This article presents the steps to how a systematic literature review (a formal study that is used to map a specific area of knowledge) should be done in Computer Science […]
junho 29, 2022

Once upon a time in Stonewall. And a fight that still stands, even after 53 years

Fifty-three years ago, the event that would change our modern society happened in Nova York: The Stonewall riots. It has become an important symbol for LGBTQIA+ rights.  On June 28, 1969, the […]