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setembro 28, 2022

Airflow might be leaking your passwords

Apache Airflow is an open-source tool that allows you to create and monitor workflows. It is largely used for data pipelines, as it has integration with multiple services, including AWS, […]
setembro 21, 2022

Smart image text-extraction using SpaCy and PyTesseract

Getting valuable text data from images is not always easy but missing out on it means lagging behind in the data extraction race. Much of our text data isn’t on […]
setembro 15, 2022


What is Plotly? If a static image can already be a good approach to understanding and explaining data, imagine an interactive chart! Instead of being limited to what the image […]
setembro 9, 2022

Survival Guide to a Data-Oriented Product Management

“Data is the new oil.” This quote has riddled my mind since the first time I read it. It is from Clive Humby, a mathematician and Tesco mastermind. If you […]
agosto 31, 2022

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation: Getting ready for Automating your company

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a growing technology around the world that makes it very easy to develop, deploy and manage the automations across a company. These robots emulate human […]
agosto 17, 2022

Data Visualization in the Data Age #2: Matplotlib

An important tool for people analyzing data with Python, Matplotlib is the foundational Python library for data visualization, since it is easy to use and has grounded many more data […]