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abril 20, 2022

Time to simplify: what are Metaverse and NFTs, and why they’re related?

It’s been a while since terms like “NFTs” and “Metaverse” have gained popularity on the internet and tech lovers’ lives. These may be confusing terms for whoever is not tech-savvy. […]
abril 6, 2022

Data Visualization in the Data Age

As the “data age” emerges day by day, data analysis abilities become more needed for most companies. If you work in a data-drive organization – or even if your company […]
março 30, 2022

Unit testing best practices with .NET

How many times have you joined a project and the project didn’t have unit tests, or some of the tests were failing because of missing configuration, or there was a […]
março 23, 2022

RPA: why you should start using, and how to make the most of it

It’s easy to realize how the fields of technology and robotics improved in the past years and how robots are becoming more and more present in our daily lives. If […]
março 16, 2022

Auth0 end-to-end application in 10 minutes

The adage says: “don’t reinvent the wheel.” Not everyone is a security expert to takes care of encryption algorithms. Auth0 plays an essential role in authentication and authorization. Some developers […]
dezembro 29, 2021

MLOps: A Complete and Hands-on Introduction – Part 2

In the first part of this series, we could explore the idea of MLOps, some of its frameworks, and other tools that can be useful when we want to apply […]