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dezembro 20, 2021

MLOps: A Complete and Hands-on Introduction – Part 1

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) refers to the tools, techniques, and practical experiences required to train Machine Learning (ML) models, deploy and monitor them in production. The concept of MLOps comes […]
dezembro 9, 2021


The technology market has never been as heated as today and that’s why, in 2020, we decided to expand our areas of activity. In addition to working in the IT market, delivering […]
novembro 24, 2021

What is a Pitch Deck and how to attract investors’ attention?

Entrepreneurship is a complex process that involves much more than relying on innovative ideas and a latent market.  It is a known fact that the success of running a startup doesn’t depend only on the entrepreneur’s commitment, but also the importance of […]
novembro 11, 2021

The rise of Data Engineering

You all know the story: since the famous 2012 Harvard Business Review calling the Data Scientist the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century, the area has seen a lot of growth, […]
novembro 3, 2021

Apache Spark and Big Data #2

In the last post of this series (1), we discussed the meaning of terms like Big Data, MapReduce and Hadoop and I presented the origin of Spark and its dominance in the Big Data […]
outubro 27, 2021

Apache Spark and Big Data #1

You have probably heard terms like Big Data, Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark but maybe you don’t know exactly what they mean and how they interact. I will start this post by clarifying some of this.  The term big […]