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Ana Júlia

setembro 3, 2020


Born out of innovative ideas, Poatek is a growing software engineering boutique that brings the top tech talent to work on B2B projects, providing IT consulting services for companies worldwide […]
julho 22, 2020

Software Testing in a .NET Core 3.1 web application – Part 1

Software testing is an organizational process within software development in which business-critical software is verified for correctness, quality and performance. Software testing is used to ensure that expected business systems and product […]
julho 15, 2020

UX and UI design: what is and how it boosts your projects

There is no more time for you to leave UX and UI design aside in your projects. In the digital and high content volume era we live, you need to […]
julho 9, 2020

Start-Ups Acquisition – Good for Innovation?

Managers of publicly traded firms are under constant pressure to find growth, or face dwindling share prices. Managers can either invest in a portfolio of internal innovation projects or look to acquire innovation externally. […]