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Luís Eduardo Lanfredi

novembro 9, 2018

Why you shouldn’t use microservices

Before digging into the topic, I would just make clear that I’m not against microservices. Actually, it’s the opposite: I love them. However, I’m just almost 100% sure that you […]
setembro 27, 2018

Differentiating environments based on variables with ASP.NET CORE

In the software development word, it is very common to have multiple different environments for the same application. An application normally has at least three environments: Development, Staging, and Production. […]
agosto 23, 2018

Should I get a certification?

My thoughts about certifications were always very skeptical: they don’t represent experience or high throughput. If you need to hire a professional for a certain job, which one would you pick? […]
abril 16, 2018

The ultimate guide for Redis + Docker + .Net Core 2.0

Have you ever heard about an in-memory data structure store that can be used as a database, cache and message broker? Yes, you’ve figure it out, we’re talking about Redis. […]