agosto 26, 2020

4 decision making insights that every executive needs to know

The ultimate value that executives bring to a firm is decision making. Strategy is knowing what to do, and, more importantly, what to not do. Strategy is a chess board […]
agosto 18, 2020

Welcome, Poatekers!

We continue our growth! We have welcomed 6 new talented poatekers in the last month.  Bruna Soares, UI designer at Poatek! Bruna has a diploma in Multimedia Production from SENAC, and already has 7 […]
julho 29, 2020

Welcome, poatekers!

Fortunately, Poatek is still growing despite the hard times we are experiencing throughout the world. Last month, 3 new talents joined our team!   Eduardo Umpierre is our new software […]
julho 9, 2020

Start-Ups Acquisition – Good for Innovation?

Managers of publicly traded firms are under constant pressure to find growth, or face dwindling share prices. Managers can either invest in a portfolio of internal innovation projects or look to acquire innovation externally. […]
junho 26, 2020

Farewell, Vitória!

Today, June 26, Poatek says “goodbye” to a very special colleague. For a long time, she was responsible for managing the company’s content, which includes our blog, and there is […]
junho 25, 2020

Deconstructing the VC Business Model

Venture Capital (VC) arrived very late (late-1970s) as a credible asset class. The VC industry flourished only after a regulatory change in 1979 that allowed pension funds to invest in […]