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junho 29, 2022

Once upon a time in Stonewall. And a fight that still stands, even after 53 years.

Fifty-three years ago, the event that would change our modern society happened in Nova York: The Stonewall riots. It has become an important symbol for LGBTQIA+ rights.  On June 28, 1969, the […]
junho 22, 2022

The usage of data for football: a real game-changing.

Some of the most spoken jargon in today’s world is “Data is the new petroleum.” And, believe it or not, this world of numbers, charts, analytics, and KPIs is connected […]
junho 8, 2022

An introduction to statistical inference

Data Science and Data engineering are some of the hottest topics on the market right now, with a huge array of applications. However, as the need for these types of […]
junho 1, 2022

Node Version Managers and why you need one

Try to remember the last time you installed Node.js. I’ll guess you got it from, right? Like everyone else following this route, after carefully (or not) pondering which version to […]
maio 26, 2022


At the beginning of the year, through the Poatek Abroad program, I had the amazing opportunity of living and working from Poatek’s office in Miami, FL. The city is undergoing […]
maio 19, 2022

The technology behind

About the game is a Brazilian game inspired by which the objective is to find the correct word based on the distance between the answer and the words […]