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outubro 6, 2021

Let’s discover what’s like to be a UX/UI at Poatek

To have a deep understanding of the user’s needs is essential to provide a positive experience that will strengthen the customer’s loyalty and the relationship with them. UX/UI designers are professionals that are responsible for ensuring this experience. This job requires multidisciplinary […]
maio 26, 2021

How is it to be software engineer at Poatek

In the day-to-day life at Poatek, it is common to face many different challenges. Our projects include different aspects as understanding each client’s reality and structuring a detailed work plan […]
março 4, 2020

Lisbon, here we go! Meet Poatek’s New Office in Portugal!

Poatek is an IT development boutique that operates on a global level: we aren’t driven by language or borders, our mission is to discover the best IT solutions for your […]
fevereiro 20, 2019

Motivating, flexible, and welcoming: How our Engineers see Poatek

An “endless honeymoon” — this is the expression Maicco Ferreira used to describe the relationship that employees have with Poatek. He joined our team of IT professionals last December and […]
maio 2, 2018

Inovação sem fronteiras: PoaTek recebe intercambistas

Desde 2015 o número de estrangeiros que buscam pelo Brasil para fazer intercâmbio vem aumentando consideravelmente, segundo o Governo do Brasil. Sabemos o quanto a troca de experiências com outras […]
março 5, 2018

Fazendo a engrenagem funcionar: a importância do profissional de RH

2018 mal começou e já está trazendo grandes expectativas para todos os setores. A recuperação econômica está a todo vapor e prova disso são os dados trazidos pela Agenda 2018, […]