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outubro 4, 2018

How big data can help solve business problems

Big Data is an important resource for any business, no matter what size – whether it’s a startup business or a traditional multinational.  Companies are realizing that having as much […]
agosto 8, 2018

How we used convolutional neural networks for healthcare technology

Healthcare technology has a great contribution to society: not only can it provide better treatment for those in need, it can also present diagnosis with better accuracy and help with […]
julho 19, 2018

Is mixed reality really going to be a thing?

There’s a lot of talk in the IT industry about mixed reality. Microsoft even announced that it’s newest SharePoint update will include AI capabilities and mixed reality experiences. And with […]
julho 4, 2018

Is .Net a legacy?

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a group of close friends about how long we’ve been programming when I realized that it has been more than 17 years […]
julho 3, 2018

We updated our 2018 World Cup prediction. Here’s what we got!

As you already know, we used Neural Networks to predict the 2018 World Cup’s outcome! Our first prediction showed Brazil and Germany in the finals – and the victory goes […]
junho 26, 2018

Why program with Python? Find out now!

There is no right programing language in computer science: every company and every developer have their own preferences. Besides, not all languages can support certain types of projects. But Python […]