dezembro 22, 2020

Flat Structure at Poatek- Explained

Management, manager, self-management.  Hierarchy, horizontal, flat. Today we are surrounded by such a wide range of terminologies and organizational structures that we don’t even know where to start. A flat […]
julho 15, 2020

UX and UI design: what is and how it boosts your projects

There is no more time for you to leave UX and UI design aside in your projects. In the digital and high content volume era we live, you need to […]
maio 6, 2020

Women and Technology: A Little Bit of History

Technology is the fuel that moves the modern world. Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Physics… all these subjects helped to improve society with great advances. What is not so well […]
abril 3, 2020

Five Reasons to Work at Poatek!

Poatek is a boutique of IT Consulting dedicated to solving complex IT problems, contributing to the growth of other businesses. To make this happens, we count on a team of […]
outubro 7, 2019

How to Get Even More Performance from Transfer Learning

This is the third of a 3 part series of articles about transfer learning. In this series, we will detail what transfer learning is and how you can explore it. […]
setembro 19, 2019

Players Everywhere: Reflecting about Gamification in Business

Before we begin talking about gamification, I’d like to tell you a brief bedtime story. This is necessary and will facilitate your understanding of the topic. Also, it will help […]