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janeiro 15, 2020

Building Automated Tests for Android

Overview   Before we start this article talking about how we can build effective unit tests for Android, we need to explain what automated tests are and why we need […]
agosto 20, 2019

Essential Components for Any Successful Android Project

Each developer has their own way of organizing a project by defining layers, modules, and protocols to ensure their architecture is easy to understand and will accommodate any upcoming changes. […]
março 15, 2019

Adding precompiled headers to a C++ game and porting it to Android

Last year I participated in a game development project in my spare time. The idea was to do a small, top-down RPG with roguelike elements. The game was made for […]
março 12, 2019

Android Workshop: Learning together is always better!

Last week we started the Android Workshop at Poatek, that will happen every Monday from now on: our goal is to build, together, an app that will use the best […]