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outubro 28, 2020

Big Data in the Selling Process

At a fundamental level, business is all about value creation through innovation and value capture through the sales process. Yet, when we think about which aspect of business can benefit […]
junho 25, 2020

Deconstructing the VC Business Model

Venture Capital (VC) arrived very late (late-1970s) as a credible asset class. The VC industry flourished only after a regulatory change in 1979 that allowed pension funds to invest in […]
junho 10, 2020

Ecosystem Development in Product Management

Everyday over six thousand app releases occur on Google Play, yet very few apps go on to become unicorns (See figure 1). Whether the product under consideration is a piece […]
maio 13, 2020

Preparing for Certain Recovery in the Financial Markets

As COVID-19 morphed from a regional pandemic in China’s Hubei province to a global epidemiological disaster, equities fell sharply and market volatility rose sharply all over the world. In the […]
março 4, 2020

Lisbon, here we go! Meet Poatek’s New Office in Portugal!

Poatek is an IT development boutique that operates on a global level: we aren’t driven by language or borders, our mission is to discover the best IT solutions for your […]
fevereiro 5, 2020


A few weeks ago, we welcomed Sami Bin to Poatek. Sami is our new Chief Operating Officer (COO)! He will be working closely with all areas of the company, further […]