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março 18, 2020

My experience at Campus Mobile 2020

At the beginning of this year, I had the opportunity to participate in Campus Mobile, an innovation event/app contest promoted by Claro Institute. It was an excellent opportunity to learn […]
dezembro 27, 2019

Our Florida Trip: Work and the Live! 360 Conference

If you follow our blog you might have seen something like this post before, but let us tell you that this is not a duplicated post.   This past November we – Kelvyn and Steban, […]
dezembro 9, 2019

My experience participating in the GOTO Conference 2019

It comes a time in every developer’s career where you’ll feel like you’re not evolving. Problems that arise in your way are problems that you have already seen before, and […]
setembro 5, 2019

Our Experience Traveling to Florida

Two months ago my team and I spent 12 days in Florida – also known as the Sunshine State – in the United States. It could have been just another business travel, […]
agosto 7, 2019

Our Third All Hands of the Year Was a Great Success

One week ago, we hosted our third All Hands of the year! All Hands is an internal event we organize every quarter, where we take a moment to review the […]
maio 21, 2019

What our People Team learned at HR4results

Poatek went to São Paulo to participate in the biggest Brazilian event about innovation in HR, HR4results. Two days of intensive learning that generated cool insights. In fact, people tend […]