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Team PoaTek

agosto 18, 2020

Welcome, Poatekers!

We continue our growth! We have welcomed 6 new talented poatekers in the last month.  Bruna Soares, UI designer at Poatek! Bruna has a diploma in Multimedia Production from SENAC, and already has 7 […]
julho 29, 2020

Welcome, poatekers!

Fortunately, Poatek is still growing despite the hard times we are experiencing throughout the world. Last month, 3 new talents joined our team!   Eduardo Umpierre is our new software […]
junho 26, 2020

Farewell, Vitória!

Today, June 26, Poatek says “goodbye” to a very special colleague. For a long time, she was responsible for managing the company’s content, which includes our blog, and there is […]
junho 3, 2020

Welcome, poatekers!

Recently, Poatek welcomed four new interns!   Maurício Queiroz is Poatek’s new Data Scientist Intern. He studies Physical Engineering at UFRGS. Maurício has some experience with Data Science since he has […]
abril 8, 2020

Welcome, poatekers!

At the beginning of this year, Poatek welcomed five new talented professionals to contribute to the company’s growth! Leticia Caminha is our brand-new Financial Analyst. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in […]
abril 3, 2020

Five Reasons to Work at Poatek!

Poatek is a boutique of IT Consulting dedicated to solving complex IT problems, contributing to the growth of other businesses. To make this happens, we count on a team of […]